Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Baby Lottery


When it comes to passing out babies,
God has a strange way of picking
winning lottery numbers. It would appear that
The chances of a woman getting pregnant are
Calculated not by how many tickets she plays
But, rather, in direct proportion to how badly
She wants a baby: If she wants a child so much
That she’s already picked out a name and staged
The nursery for its arrival a woman is fifty percent
Less likely to produce that baby. If she is a teenager
Living in foster care and headed toward a life of
Poverty it is two hundred percent more likely that
Biology will work as it should and she will
Have twins. If she is a single, career-driven woman,
She is at high risk for being left with a convoy of
3 children after her sister dies and leaves them to her
In her will. God does not listen to pleas.

If God controls this lottery he does not seem to care
Who wins the prize. He does not seem to be bothered
By single mothers, gay mothers, or no mothers;
So why should we? If there is an open womb available;
A sheltered and provisional place to stay; if there is a home offered
A safe and nourishing place to live; let us employ them.
A fetus can grow in a womb that wasn’t ready for it;
A child can flourish in a non-traditional family.

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