Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nesting Poem


I opened Sinner and saw a circle:
God made man perfectly and wonderfully;
Man sins immediately upon being made;
God made a need for himself.

I opened the image of your lip curled in disgust
And saw a man in need of Sinners,
A priest without Sinners lacks purpose
So you built them with weekly rebukes.

I opened my chest and found the creativity of man
The way we carve puzzle pieces to fit empty spaces.
The way we shape God to cover our anxieties
And people to fit under the minute umbrella of this God.

I opened my core and found the clear contour of birth;
The shape of Me before I was filled with Ss and Is and Ns.
I found genuine rebirth and there was no blood involved
Just a gentle belief in my own innate virtue.

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