Monday, April 29, 2013


I love learning to communicate in
A language other than my native English.
I gladly memorize nouns and tirelessly
Absorb new conjugations because
Te lo digo de corazón, honestly,
I am learning more than a new language.
I am learning fresh ways of thinking
About what’s in my heart.  Esperado,
Hoping and waiting are sometimes the same thing.
Dejar, to quit is to leave something behind.
En espanol, a storm is nature’s way of tormenting
The earth; I own my hunger; wives are handcuffs,
I have found a language that understands the way I feel.

I wish I had the capacity to learn every language.
Imagine the thoughts I could have, the poetry I could
Write, the ideas I could share, if I could delve into the
Speech patterns of all of my earthly neighbors. We wouldn’t
Build a tower tall enough to anger God;  we would just
Make a blueprint of our similarities, full of doors
Flinging open with every entiendo.

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