Monday, April 15, 2013

27th Movement


I stand before you today as the 27th movement in a symphony of providence;
An exquisite opus played to sold out crowds, evoking awe and bringing forth tears
Stirring idle artists to new endeavors, transforming lives. I am the climax in a romantic movie.
I am stage presence; I am the only thing in the room when the lights go down.
I am not merely a result of my own virtue; I did not
Get here on my own.
I exist because of measure after measure of the right notes at the right time.
I am the result of decades of cracked instruments, bleeding fingers and imperfections reworked
I was born when a geniuses’ sweaty midnight inspiration
Exploded following weeks of ashen stagnation
I rose from hard work and fate mixed with mere chance;
Here in equal parts because of hours of finger bleeding practice
And because of notation written well and skillfully taught.
I emerged  from musicians with the right style of talent
Brought together on delicate instruments and led
By a conductor who was born with a tempo where blood should have been.
I am an audience willing to listen, a critic with a kind ear and supportive words.
I am a work of art that can only be played under the right circumstances; I am a tune
That’s forgotten when favor declines.
I am a masterpiece that concludes when fortune expires.  


  1. I like the confidence and the tone here. I like the variety of things "I am" at the beginning, but it seems in the middle the music metaphors reign. I wonder what the poem would look like if it were all variety, or all music - or perhaps much longer sections of both, music sandwiched by variety, slam-length since this is a poem that begs to be delivered from the stage, with one last music metaphor at the end? Follow your heart at any rate and thanks for the invigorating read.

    1. I definitely see it as needing to be performed. What IS slam-length, anyway?

  2. Three minutes or less is the usual limit in slams, and the rule in PSI events. Usually with a ten second grace period.