Monday, April 1, 2013


Ît's National Poetry Month! This year I'm going to try to write a poem a day and share them with The Internet. Here is my Day 1 poem, based on a prompt from Writer's Digest:

Progress plods sluggishly, using heavy hands to pull
Stone legs up one tall stair after another. I balance at the top of the stairs
Always hopeful for the arrival of success though it looks so small from
This far away. Reoccurring sounds keep me kneeling there
With arms outstretched: One foot landing roughly, one long inhale of
Gasping breath, one groaning creak of bones; so I respond with a shout:
It’s possible. Someone came before me to build the stairs, someone
Taught me how to open my arms, someone will come after me to push
Progress through its last aching movements and into my limbs. All we need is
Just to keep moving: I will keep making slight adjustments in my muscles
To sustain equilibrium and progress will continue to lumber forth
Until we meet on the top stair in unadulterated triumph. 

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