Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I have fallen in love with ghazals!


I was reborn in a hospital bed, studying the poems of Rumi.
There is so much left to be read; welcome, new life.

To the desert I was led, following luminous intuitions.
Among the cactus I began to mend; welcome, new light.

I’ve got memories scarred into my head, suspended in unstable shapes.
They mark places from where reality fled; welcome, new story.

This is where I find my daily bread, living not on this alone.
It doesn’t taste like what you said; welcome, new knowledge.

Among the mountains I have bled, looking for an answer.
Meet me there and we’ll forge ahead; welcome, new love.

Look at all the mouths you’ve fed, Emily, on your journey forward.
Without you there’d be one more dead; welcome, new poet.

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