Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bright and Dark

National Poetry Month Poem #2:

I am a 1960s pop art illustration
Emerging optimistically after a long, bloody war.
My soul rebels in vivid color
From within a thick black outline of a body.
This crying woman knows it’s time for change;
Time for me to take well-known images of pill bottles
And beer cans and cover them with brightly colored ticket stubs,
Love letters, and published poems, time to re-work
Abstract dreams of a successful life into steel
Sculptures of attainment. It was nice to try different shapes for a while
But now I know what I want: I want to live as a subversive work of art
Forever an oft repeated emblem with a familiar meaning;
An icon known and loved for being true in every color permutation.

Thank you, Lichtenstein!

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