Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Write a Poem That is Also a Prompt

This is your chance! For your whole life, you have been waiting
For an opportunity to be heard- not listened to, heard.
Stop waiting! Tell me, now! I’m gaping ears, unrestricted mind, open arms
 I am the living blank notebook you always wanted.

What words didn’t you know, when you got in trouble as a child?
When you witnessed someone else’s pain, what do you wish you could have yelled?
What would have changed the course of your history?
Yell it, immediately. It’s never too late.

What’s that comeback that came 30 seconds too late?
That perfect, respectful pick up line for that beautiful woman?
The sentence that may have kept him home,
The phrase that could have saved your job?

To those questions you never got to ask: it’s time to give birth.
And those answers you never received: it’s time to make them up.
Take back your voice, own what you know and admit it:
You know the rest of the world needs to hear what you have to say.

You are bursting! You are ready! Your stillness serves no one,
Least of all you. Let it out, let it go, you will always be refilled,
Each word that exits leaves behind a breath of fresh air,
Suck it in, and just scream. It’s exactly what you need right now.

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