Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let's Go

Tonight is a good moon.
Let’s pop the cork and start to drive,
Head to San Diego and dump our feelings
In the ocean, let them sink to the bottom
Where they can’t be observed by anyone,
Not even the fish, not even the other debris.

Let’s keep chasing the coast
In search of greater Californias.
I want to find earthquakes,
To watch the earth split in two and race
To the ocean floor to further suppress
The vulnerabilities we left behind.

Then, I’ll lean back, let go of baseless speculation,
And follow the earth into the sea.
My life has always acted like ocean water,
Filling holes in wet sand made by footprints
Walking away. Maybe this time, I

Can be what fills the looming emptiness. 

Thanks, Uut Poetry.

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