Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Our heritage is full of women rebelling:
First Lilith, then Eve, who refused to fit the mold
In which she was cast: the antidote for Lilith, a model obedient
Wife, now blamed for original sin because she couldn’t conform.
Ruth defied convention when she married a foreigner and was
Rewarded with a place on the family tree of David; Brave Rahab’s
Perceived sexual trespasses didn’t stop her from saving.
Some say Jezebel was only depicted as evil because she dared reign over a man;
The adulteress still exists as a metaphor for Christian treatment of sin.
Even Mary, the mother of Jesus, became pregnant  before she was married-
We’ve built a legend of fear around what was good enough for God and his son.

I was raised with these women as role models, with the
Underlying message that what is scorned by society 
Is good enough for the being that society worships. I refuse,
I will not, hold myself to lower standards. I can
Save the world, be a role model, bring good into the world, I can!
Without the same refrains: Get married, have children,
But wait until you get married, settle down, cover your skin,
Protect yourself, someday you will want children- I
Do not fit this mold, I cannot limit myself to convention, I
Am not afraid of the stones that may be cast when I
Am middle aged and still unmarried, sleeping contentedly

In a bachelor’s life. I, too, am a legend, a myth in the making.

This poem jumped off from here.


  1. OH Emily this is beautiful. This sparked.

    1. Yay!! I'm so glad. Are you posting the poems you write this month?