Monday, April 21, 2014

Reid Park, February, 2012

To my first Rebound Romance:
I fell into an obsession with you in Hour One
Of our Eight Hour date. Reid Park in February
2012, Tucson, bright green grass rolled out
For us to explore under come hither sun.
You straddled the park bench like a baseball player,
Leaning forward onto thin legs, fingers knotted,
Curved back aged in cheap whiskey, you
Were never young like Nate Ruess said we are.
I heard your childhood ended in addiction so when
The Bar Closes, You Feel Like Falling Down,
I wanted to carry you home again, and again, and again.

I couldn’t stop thinking of you! Between Hour Eight
At milky black Gates Pass, and the next text message
In the morning where you interpreted my dreams but not
As the warning signs they should have been. How! Was this
Obsession and not love? Isn’t this what Nicholas Sparks
Tried to warn the world about? No, it was fixation, taking
Control of me in prodigious pelvic thrusts. Once, just for the sensation,
I clenched my fist around a piece of ice until it melted into
Great rivers streaming down my arm, over the dog bite scar.

Has your life frozen back together since you melted away?

It might help if you read the "recipe" for this poem...


  1. Nicholas Sparks books are my guilty pleasure.

    1. Mine too for a while but I have a story about why I abhor The Notebook