Sunday, September 11, 2011

Save the Post Office!

Has anyone else been paying attention lately to the plight of the U.S. Postal Service? It's a bleak picture, folks: they're looking at default!

I legitimately feel sad hearing this news. I love mail! I know sending letters isn't that popular these days but I've been involved in several little projects to keep my the mail people busy.

Anyone who's friends with me on Facebook has probably seen my occasional offers to send out "fun" mail. I love to create postcards, stationary and cards of all kinds to send to friends and family. Here's the latest batch:

Anyone who loves getting mail is welcome to send me their address to get some awesome mail in the future!

Then there's This site is simple but so much fun. You can send up to 6 postcards at a time and when the receiver registers that they've received your card you start getting cards in return. Here are a couple of the fun ones I've received from all over the world:
 takes Postcrossing's idea a step farther and includes opportunities to send art and packages. I made and sent this little book to someone in March:

I get excited at the end of the day when I come home from work to find something other than bills in my mail box and I know the recipients of my creations do as well. Sending letters might take longer than e-mail but it's nice to be able to hold a tangible greeting and know that someone took the time to step away from their computer and send it. I think we'd lose a valuable service if the post office closes.

I know that sending more mail won't solve the postal service's budget problem but I'd like to at least increase the trend of sending hand written greetings. Check out Post Crossing and Swap Bot, write a letter to a friend, or visit some of these other websites for mail opportunities:

Letter Writers Alliance
Save NYC Libraries!
Make A Child Smile
The Letter Exchange
Hugs and Hope
Post Pals

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