Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This is not a Bucket Closet!

According to a greeting card I received when I was a child,  the name Emily means "industrious". (I think the card may have been mistaken because a recent internet search tells me that my name actually means "rival". I'm choosing to stick with the first definition, however, because it's what I've always believed and I'm too old to change my beliefs now!) I always thought that "industrious" was such a perfect label for me. As a child, I asked for extra homework in school and did a project on Anne Frank for fun.

As an adult, I haven't grown out of that label. I have a constantly growing list of things that I would like to learn, do and create. Last week I decided to turn that list into a motivating visual and this is what emerged:

Each scrap of paper lists something I'd like to achieve. The goals range from mundane and practical:

to fun:

and difficult: 

See my goals in a colorful, tangible format reminds me of all that I'd like to accomplish and encourages me to stop procrastinating. I have a lot to do! I'm also continuing to add to the list as the days go by and I'm reminded of more and more that I'd like to do.

The first square to be focused on is this one:

I'm already well on my way to accomplishing  my first goal!

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