Monday, October 31, 2011

Sugar Skulls: Part 4

The final sugar skull that I made is a reflection on my Grandma Herzog. Grandma Herzog passed away in 2009 at the age of 99almost100. She was an amazing woman who was loved by many people.

Well into old my great grandma was active and social. I remember hearing stories about her cross country skiing in her 80s. She lived in the woods in Binghamton, NY until her 90s when her second husband passed away and she could no longer take care of the home herself. She moved into a nursing home of sorts and quickly became friends with the nurses and residents.

The green dots represent the number of grandchildren Marion had. My mom and I estimated that there are over 30 in all. And she remembered all of our names! The cross signifies my grandma's Christian faith.

The red wings are for Grandma Herzog's love of bird watching, especially cardinals. She spent a lot of time gazing out of her back window watching all kinds of winged creatures feast on her back porch.

I gave Grandma two diamonds because she was married twice. She once said that her first marriage was the one where she settled down and had a home and children and the second is where she got to have adventures. 

The star represents how far Grandma Herzog's influence spread around her. Every Christmas and birthday her house contained piles of cards from those who cared about her. She made it look easy to build friendships; she was a natural at meeting people and making them feel cared about. Her influence reached far in the almost 100 years she was alive and it is for that reason that she is my hero. I've always wanted to be like my Grandma Herzog: welcoming, loving, caring, giving. I am grateful that I was able to enjoy her presence and influence for so many years.

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