Saturday, November 20, 2010


I went to this fabulous store full of local artists tonight called Bohemia. Bohemia is an art gallery/store featuring all local artists and it greatly challenges my desire to be a minimalist by presenting me with hundreds of incredible works of art that would just look fantastic on my walls. I went primarily to see an art show for Wil Taylor, whose work was amazing as usual.

One of my favorite Wil Taylor pieces.

While I was there I also admired handmade cards, candles, paintings, windchimes, and music. It was while I was looking at a few handmade books that all of these visuals culminated in an inspirational revelation: I could do this.

I didn't think this because the art was simple or easy to make. I thought this because I HAVE created beautiful art. The differences between me and the artists in Bohemia is that they are brave enough to share their work.

Now, I have a new goal. I'd like to have something that I've created presented in a local art gallery. There's Bohemia, and I think someday I could make it there. But first there's a place called Solar Culture. Three times a year Solar Culture accepts admissions and no one is turned away! I'm looking at this opportunity as a gentle entrance into the world of sharing what I've created, and creating things that inspire other people.

Right now I don't think I spend nearly enough time making art. Every time I have a spare moment to create, I succumb to thousands of excuses of why I am going to put it off for another day. Most of those excuses are fear based.

I know I'm not the only artist who deals with these. Raina Gentry, the artist who painted the absolutely beautiful picture above, wrote about this. On the back of one of her pieces I read about her journey to becoming an artist and how she, too, put aside her talents because of fear. I'm so glad she overcame her fear because I am in love with her paintings.

I think I also have something that beautiful to share.

One specific fear that has been stopping me is the fear that the type of mixed media, collage type art that I truly enjoy would not be meaningful to anyone else, or even worthy of looking at. This fear was challenged by stumbling upon Roberta Lewis. Several of her mixed media paintings were featured at Bohemia and they were all amazing. Again, I thought, I can do this!

This, whether it is giving my art to a gallery or simply just spending more time creating art, will take some work. I have to start by actually DOING something. By pushing away the excuses and just making something, even if it's only a tiny drawing. I have to break the barrier of fear and actually be willing to spend time with my art...and myself.


  1. Such an interesting article Emily, Once you take that first step (with any artistic endeavour) and kick the fear into touch the rewards are so worth waiting for.
    I can't find your email adress on your profile,(was going to to email you all the infor about 24 Hours in Your City), if you still fancy being a part of it please email me at