Thursday, November 25, 2010

24 Hours in Tucson

Welcome to Tucson, Arizona! I love this southwestern city. I'm rarely bored and it's always so SUNNY!                                                                               I'm also always trying to convince people to come here and visit me. And I'm sure anyone who has ever had the idea of a trip to Tucson planted in their head by my pleading would want to know: What is it like to spend 24 hours in Tucson?

First of all, this is what you'll see in the morning. Sun! Blue sky! Even in the winter. I think the average is around 350 days.

I'd take you to my favorite coffee shop, The Raging Sage. They've been voted Best Local Coffee Roaster for several years in a row by the local paper.

We would ABSOLULUTELY have to do some sort of hiking. Tucson is surrounded by mountains so it might be hard to choose where to go. This particular picture was taken at a place called Gates Pass and is a relatively light hike. 

Or, if you're tired of the desert, we could head to Sabino Canyon and escape to some greener trails.
A short hike would leave us time to grab some lunch at Bumstead's. They have fabulous sandwiches with names like "The Mullet," "The Porn Star," and "Your Mom". My favorite sandwich includes a combination of portobello mushrooms and peanut butter. Also, you might have to dig your sandwich out from underneath a giant pile of fries. Mmmmm.After lunch we could drive up to Mount Lemmon to watch the sunset. It's always significantly cooler on the mountain than it is down below, so bring a sweater. For the first time during your visit you're going to be cold!

Dinner could be in one of these cool, colorful buildings downtown. And then-
You must participate in salsa dancing! There is a fantastic salsa community here in Tucson and on most nights of the week you can find a place to dance. Don't worry if you're terrible at dancing. It's fairly easy to find a friendly partner who will be willing to teach you the basic moves.
Ok, so we haven't quite reached 24 hours. Hungry? Let's grab some authentic Mexican fast food in Nico's! We'll actually probably be starving after hiking and dancing all day and there's nothing better to solve THAT issue than greasy burritos and cold horchata.

I hope this convinced you that Tucson is as awesome as I say it is. If not, come back again. I have plenty more where this came from!


  1. Such a great post (think my last comment was deleted by mistake), i will definetly need to visit Tucson!

  2. Wow, Tucson looks great! I'm stunned by those landscapes!
    I can dance as a brick can, but if you say that there's goodhearted people willing to help I might give it a try!!!