Monday, January 6, 2014


What luck! A white rabbit beast has graced my lawn;
While lost, my hand, drags nervously among the grass-
I give its contents to the fresh teeth of my new talisman
And he leaves his burrow to bestow a secret:
“Life is not ringing loud enough,” his lisp declares;
“We must break free of your arms-
 Embrace the plethora of cathartic conversation 
You refuse to believe you can demand.” 

Thus, I leave the church, this first time;

I leave the yard where I cannot sleep!

I watch the rabbits gaze of empathy; the clock timing all that I just lost- 

The rewards of my way home are plotted carefully

In heavy footsteps through bloody yards.

Synchronicity! I left a message for the other side. I will become the person 

My rabbit wants me to be.

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