Monday, August 8, 2011

Problem: creative rut. Solution: a table.

As many of you know my art supplies share a room with two extremely hairy rabbits.  This means that when I want to get creative my projects are likely going to be filled with some of that hair. It also means that I have to make sure that all of my supplies and projects are out of reach of the long toothed little monsters.

Sometimes worrying about the rabbits makes creative action into a chore. If I look away or lose myself in the project -even for a second!- my fuzzy little pets swoop in and start eating something. Sometimes it's a colored pencil, sometimes it's a piece of scrapbook paper, sometimes it's whatever I'm working on at that moment. This often inhibits my creative process.

Thankfully, a few weeks ago, Therese at Arts Marketplace gave me an old cabinet/table that they didn't need anymore. It's a small metal thing with one leg that's shorter than the others and it has a few dents. BUT! It has doors! Metal doors that my militant mutants can't chew through. AND! It has a table top! A table top where I can leave a journal open without worrying about it being detroyed by hundreds of tiny bites.

I treated myself to some expensive paper to decorate the top and this was the end result:

A pretty metal cabinet full of not quite finished projects protected from the gaping jaws of the domestic rabbit.

Plus! Now I have an actual workspace. It's small, but it does the trick. This weekend I accomplished the following:

I was more productive than I've been in months, all because I felt I could get lost in my art journal without worrying about my curious critters getting in the way. What a nice surprise that a simple table could bring such inspiration!

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