Tuesday, February 2, 2010

College vs. Old Man

Last night I found myself in an Irish themed bar near the U of A. For some reason, the atmosphere reminded me of a night in my late college experience that I spent drinking until 4am in the streets of Buffalo, N.Y. It was a friend's birthday, and there was a rowdy group of us traveling from bar to bar. In one bar we decided to drink Irish Car Bombs, and the dropping of the liquor into the beer something of a celebration, with cheering and laughter. This memory made me nostalgic, and I decided that it would be a good idea to try to relive the fun with a different group of friends in Tucson, on a Monday night, after mostly abstaining from drinking for about 3 months.

An old man sitting alone at the bar overheard us ordering the drinks and commented that he's never heard of an Irish Car Bomb before. I explained that I was trying to relive my college days, and he responded that I was too young to be doing that and that I looked like I was still living them.

(He also wanted to know if someone would think he was a terrorist if he ordered one.)

The old man at the bar was wrong. I am NOT living my college days, and I shouldn't even have tried to relive them. As is turns out, nostalgia does not produce the wisest of ideas. The chugging of beer was fun, and it left me feeling giddy for about 20 minutes. Then my body remembered how little alcohol it can actually tolerate, and I was miserable for the rest of the night.

(Well, except for the times when I pictured the old man at the bar sauntering into College Town, U.S.A. and attempting to order an Irish Car Bomb. "Kids these days," he'd say as he tried to chug the beer.)

Lesson learned: Trying to relive the past seems to be a bad idea.

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